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New site coming soon
I'm in the middle of redesigning to modernize it into a more interactive, user-driven site. There will be frequent new content once it starts up, and lots of new features. Over the last year I've been idly thinking of what I want to turn it into and looking at unrelated websites that have the kinds of features that I want to have here. So it may be several days before the switch over, or quite a bit longer. It all depends on how quickly I can figure out how to tweak a bunch of code and how much time I put into it. But it's going well.

The forum may be moved to new forum software that will integrate with the new site. But we won't lose all the old posts. I'm not yet sure what the effects will be. The biggest issue will probably be that any links you posted to other forum topics will no longer work.

So if you start having trouble loading pages in the coming days or weeks, it's probably because I'm working on switching things over and broke something temporarily.
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