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does this work to amblyopia ??
Your welcome!

This business should be free as possible. We are talking about the human right to see!

No you don't need to read all. Many people want to learn to be a teacher, in depth study of this method so all books are included. Just read the Directions pdf. Then the 10 steps book. Look at the pictures in the main books; they are created for quick training. Everything else is extra, different teachers describing the practice. Bates books are the best.

Copy/paste Better Eyesight Magazine articles into the Microsoft translator, then use the speaker button;

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... tesmethod/</a><!-- m -->

Skype me; mary.oliver981. E-mail first so I sign on and know who to accept.

Basically; learn to shift. See in a relaxed, easy way. No glasses.

You are right! Don't get the implanted lens. Many seniors after having cataract surgery contact us stating they are very unhappy with the artificial implant lens. It will usually have an eyeglass prescription in it for myopia.., kind of like the lasik as described previously;

If the vision improves; the implanted prescription lens will be too strong. = blur
If the vision becomes less clear; the implanted prescription will be too weak. = blur

If you keep the eyes natural lens you can use the Bates method and keep your vision perfect; matching what the eyes natural lens, it's normal prescription needs.

Perfect Sight Without Glasses free download

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