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Deceitful Teachers
Wow, Clark (Mary), I'm really sorry this is happening to you. You've helped a lot of people. Yes, I do teach by the hour for (not much) pay and make no apologies about it. My students don't want to take the time to learn on their own without personal guidance, and no one has ever told me they thought their work with me was a waste of money or time. I continue to provide a lot of free advice to my energy medicine community especially. I think any qualified teacher who is more motivated by income and competing with other teachers, rather than by helping people, is bound to suffer in the long run. Unfortunately they can do a lot of damage in the short run.

I just shared my recent post on astigmatism with my energy medicine community, since I was away when it went live and couldn't do that from my phone. Several people thanked me and commented (yes, I keep telling them to comment on the site here so it gets the traffic). One who can afford it and is very motivated wants to schedule a Skype lesson with me. That's enough for me -- I am much more interested in getting the word out about NVI and the Bates Method than I am about making lots of money. When I try to put myself into that contracted competitive mindset I feel cut off from others, sad, and scared I will "miss out" -- it doesn't feel good. Keep shining your light, Clark. We all benefit, and I for one support you.

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