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Blackspot (moved from: Introduce yourself here!)
my story is unusual in that i studied the Bates Method when i had perfect sight.About thirty  years ago ,because i had to constantly read and study a lot of material daily,i wondered if i should get myself a pair of eyeglasses,to see if it would make my work load easier.  I went to the library and read books on eyes and eyesight.Most of the books were identical in regards to the information that they contained,and they all agreed that as a person aged they would  probably need eyeglasses to read with.However two books that had the opposite view were Better Eyesight without Glasses,by Dr Bates and The Art of Seeing by    A. Huxley .These two books ,especially Huxley's, convinced me that if I followed there advice I would never need glasses. However knowing and doing are two different things,and when I reached my late forties,I started having slight vision problems,and I did what most people do,and got myself a pair of reading glasses.Of course though the years I needed stronger and stronger glasses.My eyesight got so bad I needed glasses to watch T.V.,and reading became more of a chore and wearing glasses became sheer misery for me.In December of last year I decided I had had enough of glasses and decided to give the Bates Method a try.So in January of this year (2005) i went on the internet to see if i could find a copy of Bates book to refresh my memory on his method,and came across Dave's site.I'ts almost a full year now since I stopped wearing glasses,and I can now read the smallest of type without  glasses ,and i am sixty two years of age.However the benefit doesn't stop there,for my victory over poor eyesight ,thanks to Dr Bate's,has given me a new lease on life.Wearing glasses made me feel old and clumsy,and thanks to my new found confidence,I have been able also ,to not only improve my eyesight ,but have been able also ,in the past year to lose about thirty pounds of overweight,and i am now almost at my ideal weight level.Success begets success.             


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