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Reducing Glasses or Contact Lenses (UK)

Has anyone had any experience of finding a good place to get glasses/lenses online that deliver to the UK?

I have gone without glasses/lenses completely for a few months now (except for a couple of specific situations). My clear flashes are at least half of my current prescription (my prescription is around -2.5 or -3 when strained but I can see around 20/40 or 20/80 in clear moments on a sunny day).

I might be starting a new job soon which will require more strained activity in social situations and staring behind screens. I'd ideally like to find a happy medium of about -1 or -1.5 for glasses and/or disposable lenses in order to function properly but also put less strain on my eyes.

I am definitely more strained when I am at the opticians so I don't think this is an option yet.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Reducing Glasses or Contact Lenses (UK) - by satori - 01-27-2014, 11:27 PM