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exaggerations about the plus lens.
yes frauenfeld does not exist it is a pseudonym. He is actually a opthmalogosit in Iowa. But who cares, his MESSAGE is good. His advice is excellent. Many people had success from website.

There a bunch of POOR studies that deft common sense. I mean really undercorrections actually actually more harm? The plus has NO effect? overcorrections do no harm?? Slight myopic defocus does harm???

well then according to that logic. Wear your full prescription, don't worry about doing close work for 10 hours a day. Don't print push. All a a person needs to do is palm, shift, swing, etc. Alright good advice. This seems to go with common sense....

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exaggerations about the plus lens. - by Aethersky - 02-14-2014, 10:44 PM
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