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Narcissism - How much is too much?
Narcissism, as defined in Wikipedia, is "the pursuit of gratification from vanity, or egotistic admiration of one's own physical or mental attributes, that derive from arrogant pride".
The question I wish to ask is how far does that pursuit go? How far does it take me? Is it all bad?

I joined this forum in 2010 and I thought of the forum as my place of discovery. I was very happy to find people like me to share my experiences with. I received a lot of replies from people around the world, people who agree with me, people who disagree with me, people who taunt me. I've had so many conversations on this forum yet I seemed to enjoy only one side of the conversation - mine.
There was no real respect for other people; no true motivation to help others. Just an imitation of normal behavior - a pretense to hide the truth.

Now, the difference in duration between this post & my last post is 2 years - why have I not posted for so long? I am rather unclear if this question is important to anyone but me, I still feel the need to answer. For a long time, I felt exhausted by this forum, mentally drained. This year I started to read all of my posts and I felt a sense of great self-admiration. When I ran out of my posts to read, I put my name in the forum search to find out every single time someone mentioned me and what did they have to say about me.

This is when I began to suspect if I have a narcissistic personality. I am unsure if this is just incorrect self-diagnosis. I do however, feel extremely indifferent towards most people, and I think of my social life as a burden. Yet I put up with a lot of BS and try to blend in the background all the while never truly belonging to anyone or anything.

I'm quite confused & I'd be grateful if anyone has any insight to share with me.


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