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How much strain?
When pushing your eyes, how much strain is too much?

After a while of trying to read slightly farther than I'm used to my eyes will begin aching a bit, during/after. This also stresses me out in general, possibly due in part to compromising my posture to do this, which I know is not ideal.

Also curious about colored lenses, I know glasses are not ideal but while I'm using them would glasses tinted, say yellow be affective in reducing eye strain? They seem to be used for people who work on the computer often, I've even seen them marketed to 'gamers' although I can't recall the brand name.

Also to practice I really have to use an eye patch, otherwise my weaker eye doesn't really engage in focusing. Could this pose problems for my eye that's staring at blackness right in front of my eye while I'm doing this?


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