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The Fourth Habit: Swallow
I am so sorry, I did not intend to cause confusion.
One thing I insist on all, is about accepting completely how you see and what you see. This means do not care if you do not see clearly, making blur your complete friend. Those early years when i started improving my vision although I understand Bates is all about effortless vision, but my mind just automatically overrode it and constantly wanted to see better and better, and then you start straining after a "hard work" of relaxation. This really messed up my life, On one hand I did not want to return to my glasses, on the other hand I wanted to see clearly, and it totally was such a pain.

So I suggest acceptance for all on this path, letting your eyes see blurry and when a clear flash comes letting it see that way. letting it see how it is seen. After you have mastered this, then you may go on practicing and intending clarity, just after you have totally accepted the situation around your eyes. And this requires courage.

Now the nose thing will come to you when you observe how your eyes are trying to heal themselves. You feel lightness in the eyes and the Vision will come through the inner corner of you eyes, not the middle of your iris but the INNER CORNER of you eyes. This is one important realization of mine. But remember first to ACCEPT, never ever go on improving your vision without acceptance.

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