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Quality of exercise related to quality of vision
I was wondering if some of you could comment on how physical exercise has changed since improving your vision. I personally like to stay active fairly often. I go for runs, bike, do jiu jitsu and other random activities. I've noticed how being relaxed changes things. One thing I've realized in Jiu Jitsu is that it's not about getting a workout when you spar, it's about learning how to use energy more effectively. And I think that's how running and other forms of exercise should be even if you are trying to get a workout.

In the past I would workout and I think I was making it extra hard on myself. I think that's easy to do, and it was difficult noticing it and realizing that it wasn't necessary to put so much extra effort. Sometimes it is about the extra effort though. After all, that's kinda what working out is about.

Anyways, how has physical activity changed for you all? Has your endurance increased? Have you been able to get "in the moment" more and out of your head? Do you enjoy doing physical activity more, and are you more motivated to exercise?

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Quality of exercise related to quality of vision - by ted - 06-11-2014, 07:20 PM