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First person shooter video games may improve vision
(08-18-2014, 05:01 AM)johnmadden Wrote: I'm very curious about this, since gaming was the reason I got nearsighted in the first place. A couple of years ago I'd sit really close to the TV and play for long hours. My eyes progressively got worse which is when I started wearing contact lenses all the time.

I've read this article before, but I thought nothing of it because I thought it may only apply to the people who were born with cataracts and other visual defects that they were born with. Do you think this would actually help myopia?

Same case with me. When I was around 14 years the only things I did was go to school and play World of Warcraft in my freetime. Focused up close for probably 80% of the time.. This was the time I got nearsighted.

I don't think it's directly gaming that is causing myopia. There are lots of gamers that don't have myopia. If you play with breaks in your sessions and not to close to the screen it probably won't harm you. It's extended time spent focused up close that is causing myopia. Gaming can be done from a distance of several meters away.

Yes I think thsi could help myopia. If you play fast paced fps games from a distance that challenges your eyes. This would probably improve central fixation, shifting and maybe even help reverse axial elongation. But I'd have to try that out and since I only own a pc to play games on this would be pretty difficult for me. But I would love to try that out.

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