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Wonderful LASIK, is it?
Hi Dave!  ;D

Well Said friend. What you have stated here is very likely true. I know of a friend whose eyesight deteriorated in 6 months after the surgery, but she claim that she can still afford 'not to wear glasses'. Judging from the amount of money that one has to invest in (currently about 1800 to 2500 SGD for one eye, excluding all those consultations and follow ups, I think), even if it should deteriorate, we will tend to convince ourselves: it's OK, it is still better than last time, as I need glasses.

It's the way people boast about LASIK that somehow makes those who believe in natural improvement sway in their determination, especially if it takes tremendous patience.

But I don't. Because with vision improvement, my shoulder ache is less now, and I feel more alert than before. I have made an interesting observation: people with high myopia, after 'successful' LASIK, still stare. Their eyes are simply stagnant or tend to be stagnant, some even had this squinting look. But yup, they have 6/6 vision!

On the other hand, the eyes of little children and adults with perfect sight are 'alive', scanning the environment at lightning speeds without even one noticing. As a result, their eyes look sparkling and full of vitality.  Wink


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