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Cataracts after a certain point?
(09-30-2014, 11:34 AM)erikm Wrote:
(09-30-2014, 11:17 AM)Nancy Wrote: Erik, first, I love your approach of exploring all avenues. Meir Schneider comes to mind, who had 2 failed infant cataract operations way back when they didn't know they weren't supposed to do them right after birth.

Hi Nancy,

Yes I spoke to Meir back in March. I would have gone to study with him, but it was a bit cost-prohibitive for me. I do have his Vision Improvement kit, Yoga for the Eyes and Miracle Eyesight method.

I just picked up Greg Marsh's CD program, and I love the way he explains all of the different facets of the Bates Method.

Quote:I've been studying energy medicine and EFT for years, and now am as interested in the energetic component of problems that are "only physical" as I am in the Western medicine approach. Your lawn mower incident must have been very traumatic to a young kid, not just the immediate pain, but the fears: "What if I go blind?", etc. If it were me, in addition to the other things you're doing to support the health of the eye, I'd want to do some energetic release work around this, EFT or at least journaling or whatever modality for moving stuck emotions you prefer. I have found EFT very helpful myself with "What if my vision gets even worse?" or "Why does everyone have better vision than I do? It's not fair!".

If you want to work with me privately around this, I'd love that.

I'm starting to see why Greg mentions EFT numerous times on the program (and do have to say I have had the same reservations over the past few years as he had when he was first introduced to it). I have been reading and listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton and Deepak Chopra for some time, but this is the first time I've started to draw a correlation between cellular memory and the regeneration of cells in relation to my eye lens.

Sure, I'd be interested in discussing the EFT option with you. Contact me via message?


Have you tried switching and fine print?
Here are a few pages to help you get started. NOTE: this WILL get the eye and lens moving; changing shape, bringing full accommodation and circulation. This can help remove cataract. Sometimes the lens gets tight, less movement due to glasses, other things. Returning movement returns hydration, nutrients, lymph... flow.

Be sure to check with your eye doctor; no eye injuries or surgery that must heal first...

Go gentle. You can start farther from the eyes for the reading of fine print... then move closer, closer, nice and easy. If you force very close to the eyes practice all at once you might see some temporary weird images as the eyes circulation and full balanced convergence, accommodation improve, debris is removed and other functions return to normal. Small headache is normal and that will also pass. Note as it gets easier to do, the clarity improves level by level. Some people get instant cure in 1-2 days.

Also; bilberry berry, spinach, white peels inside lemons, rutin, bioflavions carrot, lutein and other; See nutrition;


Now do it up close on this card;

Fine print;

Stay positive. Write if you have other questions. Its free.



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