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Re: Couldn't resist sharing this! *confirmed on Snellen chart!*
Something that defied any previous clear flash happened this afternoon.  This took place during one of my regular walks. A few of you may know that I like to go to a certain spot where there's an elevated rock; from this rock, I can see people, trees, vehicles, and houses even from a great distance. This is hill/desert terrain, so there are houses and trees visible probably about 5 miles away on the big hills.

First, two things I need to point out: 

1) My 'average' eyesight was the most pristine today of any day beforehand. This may be because yesterday I went with two friends on an airway tram that took us atop a 10,000 ft. mountain and I took a hour's walk looking at everything in the distance and valleys that stretch visibly for tens of miles. Despite this, my 'average' eyesight has been improving regularly. Just 1-2 months ago, my 'average' binocular eyesight had been L: 3/20 R: 4/20 (each eye separately), but recently it has been an average of L: 7/20 R: 10/20 (eyes separately). It must be noted that 'binocular vision' allows for a slightly higher visual acuity than the acuity of the better eye.  That's why it was pretty easy passing my DMV test one week ago, even with just a 'mild' clear flash.
2) In the past while using Bates method, my 'binocular vision' clear flashes have ranged from anywhere between 10/20-20/20 and the 15/20-20/20 'good' flashes were sometimes hard to obtain. Now that I have 10/20 'average' binocular eyesight, I no longer have 10/20 clear flashes since that's where I am at currently.

Now, for what happened today.

When I was sitting on that rock, blinking normally and excluding any eye tricks such as watery eyes, I noticed that I had frequent clear flashes of 20/15-20/10. Several, not just one here and there, of them were 20/13-20/10. Kids were walking on the walking path about 1/4 a mile ahead, on lower ground, and I could distinctively see the strands of their hair. When this happened, I did not blink but used the same clear flash to slowly "reel in" from far to up close and noticed that from the distant hills all the way to my hand, I could see everything with perfect clarity, not the least blur. I had another identical 20/10 clear flash and looked up at the sky at a distant jet stream (looked like it may have been at least 10 miles away) and noticed that I could see the round shades / small 'bubbles/dots' in the jet stream. It was like no clear flash previously acquired and I wonder if perhaps it was better than even 20/10.

As I thought about what I just saw, and why I'm able to see so well in such short time compared to others who may have tried this method, I understood to a greater degree something I had already known, that it helps to have an understanding of how the body works and a strong reasoning ability regarding everything in the world that makes people skeptic, including what's wrong with their thinking. This helps perfect the brain's 'faith' and understanding that this is all real and 'as should be', through the understanding that there is nothing incorrect about my understanding of how the eye works in conjunction with the mind and world around me. What I'll call PURE reason allows one to clearly see to the core of what makes people's own reasoning distorted, benefits the brain in a 'visualization' way.

What I call PURE reason is mostly the ability to see the black/white in a world full of color. To separate the bias from the truth. To be even-handed and 'neutral' in arriving at conclusions while supporting the truth. Supporting the truth may be seen by some people as biased, but a bias after arriving at a conclusion in such a way can be considered a 'safe' and unbiased conclusion... paradoxically, that is... IF AND ONLY IF you leave your mind open to the possibility that you may have 'not been aware' of something and your conclusion is still subject to even a .01% margin of error. Then for the time being, which would be indefinite if your point cannot ever be refuted after all sides and all errors in their reasoning have been fully understood and equally considered to your own errors in reasoning, you know your conclusion is irrefutable and 'unbiased' as it could ever be based on the most open-minded approach possible. Paradoxical indeed, but it lets you believe 100%, without a shred of doubt, while remaining open-minded. It is fully possible not to doubt at all and still keep an open mind.

I tested the 20/13-20/10 clear flashes on the Snellen chart after getting back from walking, and confirmed the 20/13--after just three blinks. Using the same blink, I could read a very little bit of the 20/10 line, then I decided that was good enough and not to worry about confirming the 20/10 entirely by trying for several minutes because I was outside quite a long time. I can always test the 20/10 at a later time as my eyesight improves. I'm very excited about being able to see 20/13-20/10, though.

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Couldn't resist sharing this! *confirmed on Snellen chart!* - by Minesweeper - 02-15-2007, 06:41 PM