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First Prescription reduction for highly astigmatic eyes
    Thanks again for your interest. I have a Snellen chart scaled to the correct dimensions posted on my wall. It's really interesting, when you put me to the test and asked me for the results. it now becomes and excercise in objectivity rather than subjectivity. I understand there is nothing to gain by reading the charts perfectly or to impress anyone but me. I have known for years that I have been able to prduce almost any results I want By various manipulations. I can read the chart 20/20 in the left and 20/30 in the right without glasses, given the proper amount of squinting and forward head tilting to cut down the amount of light with the brow. I have also noticed something that I hadn't previously. What image blur I see is only in one direction from the letter and it seems to correspon directly to the axis in the prescription. What I see is the dark black object letter with a very pale grey image of the same letter offset 1/2 the letter height higher, and in the case of the right eye, about 25 degrees clockwise. The same is true for the left except the image is shifted down about 1/8 the height of the letter at about 185 degrees. If I concentrate hard enought I can separate the two images and make a conscious decision as to what letter it is by disregarding the pale one.
      It strikes me that this might be simpler to do than in the case of spherical corrections in which there must be a circular pattern to these pale images.
      To answer the question directly, If I read the chart in a relaxed manner, with eyes wide open and no squinting or head tipping, I can read the chart without error at 20/70 with the right and 20/50 with left. For what it's worth, with correction, my binocular vision is 20/13.

Ron Reed

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