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Plus Lens: Theory On Why It Hurts Some & Helps Others...
I will admit the way plus lenses usage is taught makes me cringe. But I still think plus lenses have value for defensive purposes, if used the right way.

Glasses with how they have a fiexd sweetspot in the center of the lens, encourage fixed staring, so when I used them, I keep jiggling them around on my nose with my hands. My hands are on the frames almost alll the time. And I make sure to blink more than normal to counter the stress on the eye.

And I always use plus lenses right in front of a window so I can look out regularly. By regularly I mean every several lines of text I read, I take the plus lenses off and look through the window into the distance. Somethhing like every 10-30 seconds depending on how long it takes me to read the text. I read slower since I am intentionally reading blurs and shifting/swinging with the plus lens to decipher the blurs.

I also avoid using plus lenses with lit up computer screens, natural light in front of a window only. Best time is in the mornings and late afternoons when there's natural light but it's not too bright. It's important to have the monitor brightness on the lowest setting.

I also have newspaper cutouts attached to cardboard to the left and right of what I'm reading on the monitor, in addition to wearing a cap, so that no distance vision is in my periphery when using the plus lens. There was a study that showed vision got worse with plus lenses, and I think the culprit got traced to the subjects using plus lenses for distance as well as reading.

Obviously you don't want a pus lens that's strong enough to freeze your eye muscles and send them into spasm. I would say at most a +3.25 diopter difference and increasing in increments of .25 diopters in accordance with your vision improvement. The systems that I see going from +1 to +2 just like that is totally insane. Stacking two +3 plus lenses on top of each other for combined effect is just nuts. Not to mention when you play with this stuff, one should take it seriously and get the pupillary distance exactly right, including the individual pupillary distances if your face is assymetrical, iinstead of just buying the drugstore reading glasses.

The vast majority of people out there will never do all these things, and should never touch plus lenses.

I don't think it's an accident that I haven't seen a plus lenses wearer go beyond two diopters. In contrasst I've seen bates or natural means people improve more than +2, the most famous example being Peter Grunwald going taking a few decades to go from -10 to -1. It can take them as long as hell, which I don't find appealing, but to each their own. One could say at least they're getting there.


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