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How often should I practise?
Hi everyone!
I have made some progress already after one week (my eyesight problem is very mild). I have gotten some practises and stuff to do from my teacher while he's going away. But the problem is that I don't understand how often I should "exercise". I pretty much know what to do (if you though have something you know that helps big difference between the eyes or strain, light sensivity or something along the lines, feel free to do it with me). I am planning to do them for a few minutes every half an hour or quarter, does that sound okay.
If someone can offer a free Skype call in April sometime and teach me what they do, I'd like that.
How old am I?
I'm under the age of 18. Really frustrating, since every lesson seems to be in need with a grown-up or costs a lot of money.
Anyone can tell me how much they practise, how often, how fast they're getting results and so on.
Thank you.
- Andrea


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