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Vision Failing me at Times
Well, I am back. I have noticed less problems seeing the whiteboard in class, but my vision fails me in dim/low-light environments. I have trouble seeing freeway signs at night, and reading eye charts in dim-light. I can do fairly well in the vision test machine tests, but I fail to recognize any letters at all on a chart hanging on the wall. I had a bad experience at the DMV because I nearly failed the vision exam, I was asked to read "Line 1" on the chart, and as I blankly stared at the chart, the young woman there impatiently repeated "can you read line 1 please?" I told the young woman attending me that I couldn't read any of the lines on the chart, and she transferred me over to the Optec 1000, and I did fine on it besides it being a bit foggy. I didn't really see anything wrong with my vision up until I was asked to read "Line 1" and all of a sudden everything became cloudy, and foggy, and I could only read the big letter on the chart. After that, the "fog" went away, and the letters "re-appeared" on all the charts there. Is there an explanation to why my vision constantly fails me when I mostly need it, but it is there when I don't need it at all.

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