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Newbie with very strong myopia but also hope, guts and sucess
Hi everybody,

I just stumbled over Todd Becker's fabolous youtube-talk about myopia and how to reverse it. That's why I joined here. I have a long, long story to tell with many different aspects and challenges, therefore I'll keep it short and somewhat structured.

I. My background

28 year old german male
got my first glasses with about six years old (don't know the diopters then, maybe -1.5 ?), progressed over the years to the current myopia of almost -12.0 on both eyes, the right glass is a little bit stronger. Although I haven't had my eyes examined for several years know, my estimate would be that I needed about -11.0 (left) and -11.5 (right) to be at 20/20 vision. BTW: 20/20 vision doesn't exist for me anymore not even in my memory. No combination of glasses and/or contact lenses could correct me 100% anymore. And even if ... after a very little time the whole process starts again - slight blur, stronger blur, new glasses, repeat. Been there, done that.
I'm a stutterer since early childhood (maybe that could be an underlying cause for my bad vision) and I suffer from other symptoms and problems such as porn addiction and a slight rounded and hollow back. Needless to say, I have a certain amount of depression, social anxiety, problems to make decisions and to "get my shit together"
I have a university degree and work on the computer for at least 8h each day (I have weaker prescription for the work on the computer)

II. My experience and success so far

discovered vision training a couple of years ago, got some books and began to practice, but I always felt something was lacking. And that something was a structured plan with clear behavioural guidelines. Good vision habits, a few exercises here and there and a "morning workout" and "evening workout" all fine and necessary but the key questions for me have always been: (1) how to progress objectively and reliable (2) how to deal with the existing dependency on glasses and especially contact lenses ?
My exercises and methods in a nutshell: palming, focusing exercises, swings, mediation, eye rolls, certain stretching and bioenergetic exercises, cold/hot water therapy, outlining objects with my nose/looking at details, blinking exercises, not wearing glasses/contacts whenever I can, intermittent fasting, ice cold showers, looking into the distance often, certain "superfoods" etc.
My success so far:

Many flashes of (dramatically) improved vision. Granted, not 20/20 but very encouraging nonetheless. Unfortunately the clear/er flashes only last a couple of moments, usually till the next blink and they improved just a bit over the last months and year.
Anyway: flashes of improved vision are as common for me nowadays as is breathing IF I stick to the exercises and good vision habits and that alone is motivation enough. And get this: with my amount of myopia I'm not supposed to see road signs or small details or car brands or leaves on trees or to read without glasses/contacts an arm-length away from me but I do all these things because I worked up to a level that I CAN see all that. And I'm sure that this is not the end but just the beginning. I'll never give up ! Ever.

Vision hasn't worsened dramatically in years, despite a stressful job and long hours on the computer. Remember: my vision got worse nearly every year by at least 0.5.

Astigmatism seemed to be gone at the last eye examination

III. My questions/concerns

I'd like to incorporate more print pushing into my daily programm(s). I can read without glasses and contact lenses but I have to held the book very close, depending on the weather (a bright sunny day is always best, of course, as everything is well lit). Sometimes I have to held the book so close in front of me that I start to cross eye but that's rather an exception. Not so exceptional is that I have the impression that one eye does more of the work, as I'm so close to the book.
As I wrote above, I can read an arm-length away if I'm in good shape, have a well lit room and maybe a good flash. But I understand that for print pushing you've to be in the "just ge
tting blurry" range.
Mr. Becker says in his video, that you should do two to four hours of print pushing every day. Well, I tried it a couple of times in the last week for about five to ten minutes and I hadn't the impression that it really helped that much. On the contrary, I'm worrying that the excess fosus on a very short distance might even worsen my condition, especially if I'm doing it for two to four hours each day.
As a matter of fact, in my current situation I can't really do two to four hours print pushing each day. Maybe if I would reduce my vision training and all the other methods just to print pushing but I don't think that would be a good solution. So I have to find a way to INCORPORATE it into my normal activities and routines, maybe even at work.
It's a little bit catch 22, to be honest cause I'm more or less dependent on glasses/contact lenses for working in the office. That means even if I did print pushing as Todd suggested I'd still had to find a way to incorporate it in my daily work day or even practising print pushing during work. Otherwise all my efforts seem to be doomed to fail since I'd destroy all my progress with the long computer hours.
Maybe I could try to place the computer further and further away and then switch to weaker prescription and start again.
It would be a somewhat similar approach that Ho from Vietnam (mentioned here before a couple of times) used with remarkable results.

Any suggestions or tipps for that ? Any other comments, ideas, thoughts ?

Thanks in advance and all the best !


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