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is anti reflective coating important?

I came across Bates method in 2008, and did some palming until 2010. Then i resolved to not wearing glasses, including for computer use, unless it's absolutely necessary in a classroom.

In 2009, my prescription was 4.5 in each eyes.

I just had another vision exam a few weeks ago, my left eye is still 4.5 but my right eye is down to 3.5. I had thought that after all these years, I'd be in the 2 to 3 range. Huh

Well my primary goal is to decide whether to purchase anti reflective coating. It costs $50 more, which is ok. I just don't want a glass that's "specifically for computers". I have a feeling that would be providing too much external accommodation, like the way a full power lenses do.

I want normal eyes, not "computer eyes", and I am afraid that wearing a computer glasses will benefit vision clarity at the cost of changing how I see intrinsically. (like how people's brain adapts from reading a printed book to reading on Kindle) If that makes any sense.

But that's just an intuitive guess. Please post your suggestion. Thanks!

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is anti reflective coating important? - by zarakiMaster - 09-04-2015, 09:56 PM