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Looking into the distance or Vision chart?
(09-07-2015, 10:06 PM)fredrickhugo Wrote: So through my practice I have found I really dislike the vision chart. I get bored of it and I feel like that has a negative effect of my vision (re)training. I have found in the morning after sunning and doing some swinging I like to look at the little details at a distance. I live on top of a hill in California so I get a lot of wide sweeping views. I have found that my vision has more clear flashes in this context and that my eyes seem to improve more effectively.

My question is, obviously there is no dogmatic way of doing things so I believe that my long distance details is beneficial but should I get back into the eye chart? Should I wait till my vision has improved before trying again?

I have my own love/hate relationship with the chart, which in the beginning just showed me how much I couldn't see. If you're straining, it's not going to be much help. I'd revisit it briefly occasionally to see how you feel about it, and if that's still negative, do something else. Or see what you can do to make the chart a more pleasant activity. Could you take it outdoors, or use it for shorter periods of time? Since you're improving, you're clearly doing some things right. Now you just need to find a few more, and maybe one of those is how to use the chart so it feels like a game, not drudgery.


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