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Same Mental strain that affects my vision may also be affecting my fluid intelligence
I remember that during the years when I had optimum vision ( Early childhood), I had quicker reflexes, better focus, and faster processing speed. When I got glasses around the age of 8, this started to diminish somewhat. It really went downhill when I entered high school which was around 3 years ago. I hated the school (still do to this day), felt uncomfortable, and had difficulty focusing. Could this be a sign that mental strain and discomfort is ruining my fluid intelligence? I also noticed that when I'm presented a difficult task or unfamiliar puzzle, I immediately panic. Before, I didn't do that. Same way with speaking. I'm a somewhat of a slow speaker that takes many pauses as I take this time to carefully choose my words to fit the occasion or situation. I remember that before, words just flowed naturally, and I didn't take many pauses. I do have a habit of using words that aren't commonly used. I additionally have a really bad habit of suppressing my thoughts and actions. For example, if a teacher asks my class a question, at times I may know the answer, but I keep the answer to myself. As a result, I begin to feel uncomfortable tension mentally and physically. When I was younger, I raised my hand quite a bit in school. But after middle school and into high school, I stopped raising my hand, and became rather laconic in the classroom; I was even afraid of asking simple questions such as asking to go to the restroom. Is this just a coincidence or is my mental strain taking away some of my fluid intelligence and reactivity? I also acknowledge that reaction time, focusing power, and reactivity decline with age. Does anyone else have any similar experiences? I suspect that this issue is idiosyncratic to myself. I see other myopes in my class, and they blurt out answers and actively participate. However, their myopia may be lower than mine, and may have better vision than me. Overall, most of them, especially males appear to be confident, proud, and active participants. Perhaps their myopia originates from a strain that's totally different from the strain that I experience.

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Same Mental strain that affects my vision may also be affecting my fluid intelligence - by AlkalineWater7 - 09-09-2015, 06:58 PM