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My progress and "sore eyes"
So I have been at natural eyesight again for about 2 months and I am making some slight progress which is great.

I have gotten a lot better at choosing to look in the distance at the smallest point I can see. Usually when I do this my vision clears. I have found though when I get this clear flash, or any clear flash it never sticks, I blink or look somewhere else and it goes away. I know that with the changing habits this should improve over time and have more frequent flashes.

I have also begun reading slower and more carefully. I have always been a fast reader and I believe its because of this reading style of mine my vision is bad. I read chunks of words and sections of paragraphs in a second. No wonder I cannot focus far away. I am so used to the big picture. Now I am trying to read letter by letter word by word. its slower and as I get used to it I do see improvement visually as well as my speed of reading, which is now about that of a five year old.

Something happened this morning that has happened before and I was curious if anyone else has experienced this. I wake up with strained sore eyes? First, how does that even happen? Second, what on earth can I do to let my eyes relax when I sleep? it took me all day to get them relaxed again.


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