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Illustration of central fixation (I tried)
I know these images aren't the best, but I did what I could to illustrate central fixation. Whenever I look at a point on a rectangular object, or anything for that matter, I imagine the direction I'm looking in. For example, on a laptop computer, there's the upper left corner, upper right corner, lower left corner, lower right corner. Whenever, I look at the upper left corner, the center of vision falls onto the upper left corner of the laptop, and the center of vision appears to be oriented in the left position. I don't know. I'm not sure if this is right or not. I'm going to try to make an animation of central fixation. This might take a while. Sorry if this doesn't help any. This sense of direction appears when my vision has improved.

Picture2 = central fixation (I think)
picture3 = Eccentric fixation

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Illustration of central fixation (I tried) - by AlkalineWater7 - 10-14-2015, 03:26 AM