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Stereo vs Compound Microscope
For anyone that have been in biology labs, there are at least two types of microscopes.
Stereo Microscope for 3D specimens.
& Compound Microscopes.

Do normal eyes operate like a stereo microscope?

For me I have very strong glasses.
I recall using the stereo microscope in class to see plant parts and insects.
Since there were two eye pieces for the stereo microscope I remember shifting the eye piece and the focus knob to make the specimen look more clear and 3D.

Yesterday before I went to sleep I looked at my blankets and pillows without my glasses, they were very close to my eyes about >10 cm in distance, it felt a bit like looking through a stereo microscope where I brought the furry fibers into a 3D view. With my glasses on, at the same distance I did not feel such an interesting/cool effect.

Metaphorically speaking would it work to say: glasses as to compound microscopes, as bare eyes as to stereo microscope?

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