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choosing prescription
(08-07-2016, 09:43 PM)David Wrote: If minus lenses for myopia screw up the system, I can only imagine the confusion that bifocals cause. I feel for you.

Instead of trying to tackle the hardest part first, that being the conditions at your job, practice at home or somewhere when you have some time and don't have to deal with immediate demands.

And instead of worrying about the complexity of reducing a bifocals prescription, take it a day at a time and work on improving your vision so the issue becomes moot. It can be tempting to concentrate on something that's quantitative like the prescription, but that isn't the important part. People sometimes improve their vision and are forced to get weaker glasses whether they wanted to or not, rather than the other way around of getting weaker glasses first.

Thanks for the reply.
I want to use reduced lenses, and I think I will use single vision lenses. My prescription is -4.50 in each eye with +2.00 for reading. I think this would make my glasses for reading -2.50 with a single vision lense. The question I have is if I want to reduce that to -2.00 or lower how will this affect my presbyopia. Will that affect how far I can lower the prescription? I'm trying to understand how they work together.


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