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Using Bates Method through the day?
(08-26-2016, 07:14 PM)Joe100 Wrote: I have read through Bate's book: 'perfect sight without glasses. I have read some people's comments that the Bates method is not just a list of eye exercises to do. From what I read of the book Dr Bates tried different approaches with people to see what worked for them, and if a method didn't bring immediate relief not to continue with it.

Bates also said that it could take some time for people to recover.
So how would a person know whether a method of eye improvement was working and to continue with it?

Also how do I use the Bates method throughout the day, to apply the vision habits beyond the exercises; Can someone give me examples? 


A good quality eye chart is the best way to know whether you have brief, temporary, or more permanent improvement.
Some examples of what to do all day - frequent blinking, frequent shifting, self-awareness of tension in the head, shoulders, other parts of the body, noticing oppositional movement.    Most of this is well detailed in Bates books.

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