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My only clear flash happens when I awake from sleep
Good Day Forum, it's been a while!

I've taken on palming for an hour a day for over a year, this is done in a position where I'm laying on my back. Some times I fall asleep for a short nap, I awaken facing the ceiling and for about 3 seconds I can see extremely small details on the ceiling which may be about 12 feet from my head. This phenomena only happens when I fall asleep and awaken, it does not happen from purely palming.

I think this is different from traditional clear flashes because it is consistently repeatable. No matter how much I blink in a few seconds eventually my myopic condition returns and the details on the ceiling become a blur. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me figure out what I'm doing to unconsciously lower my vision so that I may refrain from it and complete my vision improvement journey?

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My only clear flash happens when I awake from sleep - by yodosoBates - 08-31-2016, 11:21 AM