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Ongoing, but definite success in my eyes!
When I started, my first sight when taking off my glasses for what would be the next two months, was chaos. nothing made sense. Everything was repeated vertically and horizontally, and after paying attention to what I was actually looking at, I realized nothing was blurry until I stopped paying attention . I was actually seeing copies of very clearimages. when I first saw a clear car license plate from my third story window, maybe 70 feet away ( i am bad at estimating distance ) it was perfectly clear. just a full foot above the actual license plate. 

Signs, plants, you name it, everything was perfectly clear but no where near the actual item. this led me to believe that I in fact have perfect sight. Now obviously it is not normal but I knew from then on that I would have normal sight one day. How else can you explain that I could read that license plate at all? So I started working on relaxing my eyes by looking up at the sky and  gazing at clouds. this later made different things apparent : I had a reeeeally hard time looking down at the bottom of things. When I would look at the bottom, ot would lool ok for a millisecond and then would float up in 4 or more copies. when i realized that after a couple of weeks, I started focusing on forcing my eyes in that direction . 

Now, it is definitely counterintuitive to try to force your eyes to do something , but with my strong astigmatism and ingrained habits I knew I had to break the habit. If you have ever read The Name  of the  Wind,  it tells about a boy who is able to split his mind into multiple  parts to accomplish certain things. in essence that is what I did. i had one part pushing against  a bad habit habit and another focusing on relaxation and deep breathing. This would all have been impossible for me without taking long deep breaths often. Everytime I did this for a long period of time it gave me splitting headaches ,  but ones that felt the exact same to when I first started wearing glasses. I was retracing the incorrect rewiring that glasses trained me in . (I have still been makong very good progress but the discomfort is thankfully much less).

More soon!

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