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New member from Bulgaria
(11-25-2016, 08:30 AM)Nadia Wrote: Hi Miroslav,

Please don't get discouraged by what the optometrists measured in terms of dioptric powers.  That the Bates method works by reducing diopters is a huge misconception.  Your eyesight has improved, but not quite perfect.  By perfect, I mean 20/20 or better.  20/20 should not even be used any more, instead they should be talking about the resolution of the eye and use a more scientific measure such as minute of arc or dpi or ppi (as in photography and print resolution.)  However, since you are myopic (shortsighted), there is a distance from your eyes, where your eyes are perfect.  The colours, the black, you see the outlines, the contrast perfectly, it's not blurred by a bit, it's not faded, no double images, etc.  Now what is happening that this range of perfection, between your nose and whatever distance (probably 40 cm) hasn't expanded (much).  Instead the world beyond this range has become closer to perfection.  So when the Optometrist decides your perfect prescription, all she/he can do is take the outer limit of your perfect range and extend it by optical means to infinity.   Hence you get dioptric powers that are similar to the old ones.  Think about it.  if it worked with the expansion of the range, then you would need to get weaker glasses every month but you would still not be able to drive because your far vision would not improve at all until you reached 0 diopters.

I know I'm not saying it well, not expressing this concept very well yet but I will keep working on it because it may be one of the main stumbling points that keeps the Bates Method in the category of pseudo-science.

Here is a little formula for finding your own diopters:  
If you can see perfectly until 40 cm from your eyes, convert it to meters: 0.4
multiply that by -1
so your diopters would be -2.75 (without astigmatism)

Also there is a lot of subjectivity when it comes to how well you see under what conditions.  It is quite possible that you can see 20/40 or better (which is good enough, with -1.25 glasses) or even without any glasses at all.  This comes to show that the Bates Method is a patience game, it's about building up your trust and self-confidence until no glasses can make you see the World sharper than your unaided vision.  How to reconcile this perfectly with science??  That's a tough one but it's still worth trying. :-)  Please ask me if you need me to try to explain something better!
Keep it up!

Thanks Nadia, 
I found a Bates teacher here in Bulgaria and its from the same city where i live what a coincidence Big Grin . I will start another thread, proprobably next year, hopefully in the success section.

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