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New member introduction
Hi Everyone,

Just over a year ago, I made the decision to improve my vision. I am in my early 50s and have worn glasses/contacts since I was 10. Since the late 80s/early 90s my glasses prescription has been pretty much unchanged at L -6.0 and R -5.75. (My eyes were last tested in 2012.) During this time I have almost exclusively worn contacts at the corresponding contacts prescription of L -5.5 and R -5.25. 

For a variety of reasons I decided in February 2016 I no longer wanted to continue wearing contacts, and that I didn’t want to wear glasses either! Around that time I had a chance encounter with someone who had improved their eyesight with eye exercises, which motivated me to find out more and begin my own journey. 

I have been doing what many of you are doing: palming, ocular stretches and rotations, wearing under-corrected lenses (or no glasses at all for most indoor activities), print pushing and walking outdoors without glasses for at least 30 minutes every day. 

Fourteen months later, according to my own measurements (i.e., far-point distance when reading) I am at L -4.75 and R -4.5. 

In order to have this independently verified, I went into an optical store today and inquired about getting my vision tested. Very unpleasant experience! The employee was extremely dismissive when I mentioned I felt my eyes had improved. He had me put on the glasses I had with me (L -3.75 R -3.75) to read the Snellen chart and I read up to Line 6 (20/40) and might have also read the next one if he hadn’t made me feel so uncomfortable. 

He then held -6.0 trial lenses over my eyes and asked me to read the very bottom line on the chart (20/16), which of course I did. According to him, this proves my old prescription is the right one! (My own conclusion is very different.) 

This was my first attempt at getting my eyesight “officially” tested since I started my vision improvement efforts. How can I find a "vision improvement-friendly" optician? I am in the Vancouver, BC area, if anyone has any suggestions. Thank you!

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