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Advice on trying to prove an eyesight disability scam
(05-25-2017, 07:21 AM)Randall Stevens Wrote: I am in a situation in which I could use some advice.

A certain individual male (not myself) is attempting to gain compensation from myself through the family court system. His claim is that these entitlements are needed because he cannot drive a car and cannot work.  The reason stated is that he has extropia and has no depth perception. 

He has a degree in the medical field and lives in a location where medical facilities, in which he could gain employment, are within easy walking distance. He has a valid driver's licence, regularly rides his bicycle through the town, occasionally drives a motorcycle, and has been witnessed participating in activities such as swimming, playing an instrument while sight-reading sheet music, mowing the grass and shoveling snow.  He was recently seen walking into a court room with a blind cane then seen two days later riding his bicycle.  He was also seen (recently) at a play where he was sitting 10-feet from the talent and was using binoculars.  The blind cane and binoculars have only been seen since the actual legal proceedings were initiated. 

If he does have extropia, and I am not doctor, then why can't he work?  Why the blind cane and binoculars?   If he has extropia then I'm guessing that he has had it is entire life and had no issue going to college and then working in his field until we decided to divorce.  I work in finance and make more money than him, but he has the potential to make the same. However, he is trying to fool the system. 

According to him he has 20/20 vision but his doctor says that he has no depth perception.  I'm worried that he will prevail.  I would use some advice.



You  might want to take some pictures of him riding a bike, etc. and present them as evidence to counteract the cane which sounds like a prop to mislead people. This guy doesn't sound like he's being honest with himself or others, to me, based on what you say. Good luck.

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