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I have been practicing sunning, and often times find even that intensity of the sun difficult.  I am unable to look, often times, in even the same direction of the sun because it is so intense.  I have given up on sunglasses after reading several controversial articles about whethey they are good or bad.  This was easy to do since they are too heavy  on my glasses and I lose them anyways.  But my concern is not that I am doing the sunning right or wrong, but rather the definition of extreme conditions.  I live in Florida, the sun is brutal.  In my opinion,the maximum intensity in some other locations would still be lower than our average intensity.  I have lived in other states, we were in West Virginia for 3 years, I never wore sunglasses, never needed to. In fact, I never needed sunscreen either.  By the time we moved back to Florida, I was as pale as a Pygmies.  No amount of time in the northern sun would get me a tan.  I also spent part of a summer in New Mexico, Colorado, and that area.  Again, I did not need sunscreen, I did, however, wear sunglasses at times, I'm not sure how often. Definitely needed to wear them at White Sands National Park, which I'm 100% sure qualifies as an extreme condition.

So, does anyone have an opinion whether a Florida summer would qualify as extreme?  I've read in other posts about reading outside and how it is easier to see, but that is not so here.  The glare on the page makes reading the text as difficult as looking into the sun.  We're talking about a state where the average person can get a sunburn in less than an hour.  Should I be wearing sunglasses?  Now that summer is here, I am having a difficult time going without them, especially when I'm tired.

As for the practice of sunning, I have been turning my back to the sun while doing this exercise.  I try to turn in the direction of the sun for short periods, but then turn back around.  I must look funny standing out in the parking lot with my eyes closed, turning in circles.


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