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How do you get dirt out of your eyes?
Nancy Wrote:I agree that this is the purpose of blinking, to remove foreign material from the eye. I remember Bates writing that if you were perfectly relaxed you could have something in your eye & it wouldn't bother you (& you'll have better pain tolerance in general). Also, you can buy eye wash to use with a little cup, maybe at a health food store, or find some herbal recipe to make your own, like very weak herbal tea or something. Or you could use distilled water or the saline they sell for contacts to wash it out.

Be glad you didn't get something in your eye when you were wearing a contact lens. It feels like someone stabbing you in the eye, & your eye gets so traumatized it clenches shut & you can barely open it to remove the lens or the dirt.

I would not recommend using the fluids designed to wash contact lenses on your eyes. They're usually not water or saline, but instead usually a diluted chemical designed to prevent organisms from growing on the contact lenses.

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How do you get dirt out of your eyes? - by marlon - 01-15-2008, 07:53 AM
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