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Shifting is very usefull, Practice till it becomes a a habit
Hi Michael,

What is brushing by the way?

I discarded my contacts 1.5 years ago after wearing them, and glasses earlier, for a total of 15 years. My last prescription was -3.5 and without them I saw less than 20/200. The reason why I decided to go for Bates, if it matters at all, was that my eyes refused to tolerate contacts any more, and my cornea felt sand even with brand new contacts. I couldn't imagine myself going back to glasses, as you exactly know how much they suck, even compared to contacts, so I remembered that I read the Bates book when I was a teenager and decided to give it another fair try, when I no longer need to party, self-assert etc., you know. Smile

During this 1.5 year I've made a good progress, yet I can't call myself close to the complete cure, like you, and it's a great shame for me. My last hope is that your progress has been concealed for the first 1.5 years and then you were cured in the last 0,5 years Smile. Seriously, I've fully demonstrated to myself the facts that Dr. Bates was right, the method works and that I'll be there for sure if I take my time. I understand what you are talking about and read between the lines. Like you, I have already stopped worrying about my current vision. I've had many clear flashes, but since they were only to demonstrate that it's all for real, now I no longer care about them. Most of time I'm having a partial clear flash when there's double vision, or a number of clear images line up on the horizontal line, surrounded with a little fog of blur. It is worse in the dark and often almost clear in the sunshine. I practice a lot of palming, memory of black, imagination, shifting and swinging, central fixation, reading micro print, sun treatment - virtually all Bates techniques. I do them in turn, for more fun and because after a week or so any technique seems to stop working and I need to try something else. Then I'm excited how efficient the other technique is and feel I have advanced to a deeper understanding of it. Then it happens over again and I take another technique. It's like developing on a spiral. Did you notice this effect?

Because of this inconstancy of effect, I'm failing to make anything a habit of mine. When I repeat it many times, I forget how to do it right and screw it up again. Another reason of failure is that I work a lot with the computer, and although it's not the reason of strain, it's so deeply associated with it, so that I can hardly control myself when I do some intellectual work. In short, I haven't found the way to develop any habits so far, and it's my biggest challenge. I would appreciate you describing the process and the moment of acquiring the habits in more detail.

I am however very optimistic that I'll be cured ultimately and before long. It's only a matter of my own stupidity. It's like I'm failing to notice the right way to do things because I'm too attached to wrong ideas and I'm not even aware of it. I must admit I am stupid. Things are changing now, however, and I am as well very fascinated with the change of personality I'm seeing in myself.

I love to talk to people who are cured or are close to the complete cure, because of their healthy influence. Today, after reading your post and trying your way of shifting, I've experienced an improvement and will try to make it my habit. It is even better to talk to people with perfect sight, but unfortunately it's not likely they are interested in discussing the subject Smile. May I ask you to give me your e-mail address (via the private message on this forum), so that I can write you a personal e-mail?


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