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Would you say that Bates method advocates are...
How do I know? Have you ever read the Bible? You should. Read it from start to finish then get back to me. FYI the Bible/God hates religion. (I can show you a couple of verses in the Bible that clearly condemns organized religion.) Religion is man-made, and it keeps people away from God. The Truth is the Gospel - we are the sinners, Christ is the Savior. It's really that simple. Like I said before, I am a Christian, but I'm no where near as brainwashed as most Americans, who spit in God's face. Doesn't that tell you something? THAT my friend is the difference between believing the Truth and believing a set of man-made lies and traditions. The Truth in the Bible has absolutely nothing to do with religion. If you find that hard to believe, again, read the Bible then get back to me.

You think I'm brainwashed because I believe in God, so can I say you're brainwashed too because you believe everything Max Jordan says without first checking the facts for yourself? (He's the maker of that documentary right?) I hate religion because it is nothing more than a sham, and to that end I agree with you. But please, at least read the Bible for yourself and then decide what is true.

This conversation is finished. Here's a good site with lots of info on 9/11, religion, God, etc. : <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

Take care of yourself and God Bless you.


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