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Would you say that Bates method advocates are...
Nobody is brainwashed for believing in God as the one central force that is immanent and transcendendal to everything. However, if some one claims that the only way to access this supreme force is only through certain people, certain books, certain way of living, certain places, certain 'godmen' etc and starts 'selling' his concept of God, then that is perhaps a brainwashed idealogy that refuses to look out of its own box. The etenal truth cannot be bound within a certain timeframe through certain people. I have great regard for all scriptures that teach love of humanity and areas of common interest and general welfare of the world but i dont believe in the fairy tale myths of any religion that are against science and common sense.

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Re: Would you say that Bates method advocates are... - by Ram - 07-25-2008, 11:12 PM