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My quest to reattain perfect vision.
Dear Ben,

Subject: "Military" (majority-opinion) ODs.

I have had some experience with military ODs. This situation is not good.

I have a friend, Captain Fred Deaking (USAF Pilot) who "went through" this issue with these
issues. Again -- not good.

Once you are reported as "myopic" THEY WILL NEVER BELIEVE YOU GOT OUT OF IT

I would say this. As a matter of PERSONAL RESPONSIBLITY you should want to
pass at least the 20/40 line (as a FIRST GOAL) and then get close to 20/20 (and
maybe better). Only YOU are going to SEE the results.

I personally think that (if there ever is a future for true-prevention) is will be a
combination of BOTH Bates-type work, and some "relaxing" with the plus. I would
NEVER exclude these two methods -- and it must ALWAYS be a personal choice.

But you must first get close to 20/20 -- by your own efforts and PERSONAL verification. You
do that -- and these other issues can be resolved. If you don't make it -- well
they you know that also. I do not take any result as a "failure" -- but
as a true learning process, what ever the result.

More commentary:

Quote:I understand this is usually a temporary fix, as in it requires you to go back to the plus lenses every so often.

Otis> As long as you verify 20/20 -- then no plus. This is under YOUR control as is the use of Bates.

Quote:However, if I am able to bring down my vision for a Snellen chart to 20/20 just for 1 day, I can get a flight physical done and have them dump the restriction for me to wear glasses while flying.

Otis> That is correct. You confirm 20/20 at home -- then the FAA examiner should confirm the same thing in his office.

Quote:Might be pretty hard with military doctors. I'm sure they'd be pretty skeptical if I was at 20/75 in their records and then simply read the 20/20 or 20/15 lines without anything.

Otis> I have quite a few stories from Fred Deakins on these "military" ODs. They refused to believe it.

Quote:Although if I keep up both techniques, I should be able to keep my vision down at 20/20 or better.

Otis> My "advocacy" is your empowerment. It will be YOU ALONE who sees the results.

If such is the case, being in the military, there's a good chance of publicity, which could possibly open up some people to the Bates method.

Otis> I KNOW these ODs. You best bet is to keep you mouth shut. You will NEVER WIN with them. Their minds are

Quote: I already know that you can improve your vision with Bates. I've had clear flashes multiple times. I know my eyes can see 20/20. The trick is to make it permanent, which is more of a mental struggle than a physical one.

Otis> In my opinion -- it is both. It takes a 'strong mind' to do it -- by any measure.

Otis> The OBJECTIVE part is to read 20/20 to YOUR satisfaction.

Otis> I personally would think MORE of a pilot who confirmed his 20/20 vision HIMSELF -- rather
that rely on the 6 month check. Smile

Bates best,


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