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I need positive vibes!!
Hello everybody, I am glad I found this website and I would like to share my story with you ...
I needed glasses since I was 12 but I have always refused to wear them (I am now 30, yeah, I am extremely stubborn Smile), I managed to live my life without seeing crystal clear and I believe I managed pretty well, though I have been lucky because I never really needed a car so I never even bothered taking my driving license though now I feel I should have it just for the sake of having it even if I don't need it

Anyway, as I was saying I managed to live my life without needing to see everything as clear as possible but recently I started a new job where I need to use the computer a lot and I am scared people are gonna think I am crazy if they point something on the screen from far and they realize I can't see it .....
As I never worn glasses I believe (from what I read) that I might be a little advantaged because I basically never "spoiled" my eyes .... is that correct?

I tried to start using the Bates method many times, I used to start with the intention to continue doing it for at least a month but I don't know how I got lost in the middle ..... quitting each time.

The excercises I usually do (when I have time/remember) are (please tell me if I am doing anything wrong):

- Rotations (clockwise and the opposite)
- crossing eyes (I stare at my nose then at the middle of my eyebrows).
- Close and far (I put my thumb at my arm lenght and I put my other thumb very close to my face and stare the first then the second, many times).
- when I can I hold a book upside down and try to read the letters holding the book as far as I see blurred.

Other excercises I do when I remember are:
-Swinging (swing from left to right letting my eyes move with my body without looking/staring at anything in particular, I just see everything moving in front of me).
-I try to follow an imaginary straight line moving my eyes as smoothly as possible (not jumping from close to far but trying to follow the line)
-SNELLEN chart, though I practice through my computer screen, I just open a Snellen on my computer screen, I sit back and try to see the smallest line I see blurry, no matter at what distance as long as I see it blurry.... I try to focus on it, look at it, try to see the letter .... I breathe, I blink .... I stare ..... but honestly nothing really ever changed except for once ... when I blinked and I saw crystal clear BUT, if was weird because I felt like I had a little of a double vision too ..... are those the famous CLEAR FLASHES??!?!

Anyway, I believe it never really worked for me because I don't do them constantly maybe?? Any suggestions about the excercises I do?? Are they right?
I recently started to think that I should give up and start wearing glasses, I have a pair that my old doc (8 years ago, last time I went to an eye doc, LOL) prescribed be, he intentionally prescribed them a little weaker (without me even asking him!!) he was pretty disgusted by my eyesight though (lol) ... now when I try them on, I can see almost 20/40 ... which I believe is ok for driving at least.

So, I was thinking of starting to wear them to use the computer, to drive .... etc ... I also thought of having Lasik at one point, but I am a little scared of the long run consequences and plus, I know a few eye docs who perform lasik but they STILL WEAR GLASSES; I am sure there is a reason Smile

Anyways, sorry for the long post ... any suggestions would be really appreciated!!

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