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LCD and eyepain
clarknight Wrote:I had the same problem.
2 years using the old bulky monitor, small 13 inch (Like the old televisions) and eyes fine, i can work 10+ hours and never feel eyestrain, blur.
This year I bought a new 19 inch wide, thin flat screen monitor because they are light weight so i can easily lift it up and down to adjust for sitting and standing.

I have a knob on the table and chair( which I ordered specially in a furniture mart) that lets me vary its height so I can sit in any posture or stand. I can also use the machine while I sit on the floor too which I found very relaxing to the back. The chair is the root cause of most back problems people get with long computer use. And back/neck strain is connected to vision as well. Sometimes I also completely lie down and use the computer( while I type this I am lying down sidewise on the floor with one of my hands supporting my head!!) and it takes away almost all the strain.

More important than these posture changes is the need to do physical exercise regularly which keeps the muscles toned and flexible. I do Yoga for 30 min every morning and also do strength training on week ends and also run 15 miles/week. I think most people who complain about the computer screen are not only having problem with the eyes but also with general vitality. Without physical exercise, back muscles are weak and the strain will carry over to the eyes as well. We keep complaining about the 'bright screen' often without realizing that we are not caring enough for the body and the body will complain if you dont maintain it properly with nutrition, exercise and rest.

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