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How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings
You got me curious, so I looked at the supposedly healthy toothpaste I'd been using and it does have glycerin. Eco-dent has sodium lauryl sulfate. And most other toothpastes of course have fluoride. Now a guy could spend months researching these chemicals and make an educated guess as to whether it's a good idea to use, but I'd rather just not put stuff in my body that isn't food and just go with the simplest formula I can find that doesn't sound like it includes chemicals anyone's been screaming about.

I found this tooth powder that I'll probably order. Salt, baking soda, prickly ash bark, and peppermint oil.

And on the topic of personal hygiene, here's a mineral salts deoderant rock that I've been using and seems to work

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Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - by David - 01-26-2009, 09:37 PM