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What is your main reason for improving vision?
Aside from the simple fact that Good Vision is a necessity... why are you getting perfect vision? What motivates you to the extent of getting what the public thinks is impossible?

Varying from Careers and jobs to being a good shot with a rifle- what's your reason?
I personally would love to get good at a discipline called Parkour, where vision is holding me back the most.

Optometrist Angart asks, "Think, where would you be if you would have had perfect vision this whole time?"
You may not want to answer; just so long as these questions make you wonder- and allow you to dig deeper to your full purpose.
to avoid retina detachment for example...

and when you have to remove your glasses because you need to swim or play football you need good vision.
-because seeing with natural clarity feels more like ME.
It feels like I am connected and engaged in my environment and seeing more clearly
requires that I am comfortable and relaxed so it is a endeavor that benefits me in total.
I enjoy keeping my 20/20.

I enjoy verifying it on my Snellen.

I now personally check my refractive STATE at +1/2 diopter using
a $30 trial-lens kit -- just to make certain I keep my 20/20.

It is great to have my naked distant vision back.


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