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improved in 15 minutes..a miracle in my life..
handa any insights into becoming aware of your strain-producing though processes?
15 minutes, ok I found this one from Bates:
...Some very dramatic cures have been effected by means of the imagination. One patient, a physician, who had worn glasses for forty years and who could not without them see the big C at twenty feet, was cured in fifteen minutes simply by imagining that he saw the letters black. When asked to describe the big C with unaided vision he said it looked grey to him, and that the opening was obscured by a grey cloud to such an extent that he had to guess that it had an opening. He was told that the letter was black, perfectly black, and that the opening was perfectly white, with no grey cloud; and the card was brought close to him so that he could see that this was so. When he again regarded the letter at the distance, he remembered its blackness so vividly that he was able to imagine that he saw it just as black as he had seen it at the near-point, with the opening perfectly white; and therefore he saw the letter on the card perfectly black and distinct...
Well, if we have a crappy Vision, a crappy Imagination and a crappy Memory, if Memory becomes perfect, Imagination and Memory will follow.

By perfect i need as must "sharpness" you need to see 20/20.

Any one who has palm in the past can confirm this fact. Wink
Ares Wrote:Well, if we have a crappy Vision, a crappy Imagination and a crappy Memory, if Memory becomes perfect, Imagination and Memory will follow.

By perfect i need as must "sharpness" you need to see 20/20.

Any one who has palm in the past can confirm this fact. Wink

Oh, that is true Ares. It doesn't matter how much you try to imagine if the memory is poor. Now, the best thing to improve memory is actually to relax/sleep. Everyone that has had a black out and forgot names, numbers, codes and so on knows that the memory comes back again if you just sleep and relax. So imagine especially in the morning. Thanx for pointing this out Ares.
Follow my way and at the very least you will have clear vision when you reach your 50's. And you will reach your 50's.
It's always comforting to know that there ARE people out there who have experienced an immense amount of success concerning this program. Many skeptics can speak out against it, but you can't really judge it until you've tried it. Honestly, this is why I haven't provided a stern opinion on this practice. I really won't know how I'll react until I try the exercises and see the results. Also, I'm taking into consideration that everyone's bodies are different. Some people will be effected and some people won't. Some people are effected by medication and some aren't!
Wink Hi all,
I am back after a long time..
I want to tell some updates about my vision. Though these are showing my unluck and laziness.

Off course, i got a clear flash after learning about Bates Method in a month and practicing for just 15 minutes.
The reason was that i was very excited at that time to know such a unique method to improve eyesight and tried my best follow guidelines properly.. and it was a luck that i got that sensational pleasant feeling.

That first flash became my inspiration and gave me support to withstand among the eyedoctors who said i should get a laser surgery.
But after my college days, i joined alarm monitoring job in a reputed mnc. My schedul became so busy, i had to work there for 10 hours, less time to sleep, not proper timing to eat.. away from home.. and all this snatched from me my habits of morning Yoga and Bates practice. I don't remember i had even palmed for 20 minutes from last year....
The result that my vision again deteriorated.

But whenever i got time, i practiced swinging, sunning and now i can produce a clear flash if i had slept well, and is out in sun after about 10- 20 minutes of practice. Though all depends on how relax you are while practicing any method and how pleasant you fell after trying that method.
Though i had got clear flashes sometime when i had walked long and after martial arts practice which make me tired... I think it comes when you don't pay attention to your eyes. Since according to Bates, When we pay attention to our eyes.. we try to see.

I have practiced today properly after a long time and have got many clear flashes.And will continue from today.
However, i have found that beside not giving time, the main hurdles in not getting cured till now are"
1). I have a habit of working in a hurry and fast. means i feel think fast, frnds says i walk fast, even i work on four to five things simultaneously on computer screen with various windows.. this makes me breath fast.. and therefore causes strain..

Bates says in this concern as [i]" Strain may sometimes lead to a production of errors of refraction., but its foundation lies in wrong habits of thought." [\i]
I think the same is happening with me because
2) I have examined my thought process. And found that it doesn't support my journey to cure vision. The thoughts are usually producing tension and worry.. Means i have to change my way of thinking Wink .
3). My imagination is very poor.. I remember when i was not myopic. i usually dream of flying in the sky with my open eyes and those dream i saw in sleeps. I day dream of flying with angels and on a sofa type thing upon forests, lakes and with my loved ones.. It’s a teasing tale how my eyes lost my imagination and got crapped in this pair of glasses and now I have understood it. I am improving it, please refer me any excercies to improve imagination.

For those, who are new to this method and concerning whether they will be able to get a natural vision… I want to say that [i]

“ I belong to a small town of North India where no one knows bates method. I tried various methods of curing vision before it be it walking on green grass in morning, tratak ( the ancient Indian method of looking at candles without blinking eyes), medicines, taking herbal cure, homeopathic..
But then I found Ramdev- a yog guru in India now widely famous.. he claims to cure several diseases including eyesight by Pranayams – breath excercises. Yes, it works very well, but i was not able to continue due to my timings. Yet it have cured a thousands of people in India and helps in curing eyesight. Its good if you try Anulom-Vilom Prnayam <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> with Bates Method.
Then I found Bates Method, I found a 1957 book written about Bates by an Indian writer in a library.. Then I read it.. and followed those half swollen methods. But it was half and was in not a condition to read. Then I came to Chandigarh and found the only book from Bates from only one Book Store and it contain a chart and then I found this site and found people w[\i]ho supported me..
However I told this method laughed at me and told me that how one can be cured reading Alphabets A B C.. But now I have full confidence and will reach that state where I can say.. [b]“ Yes, I have done it… I have found the light after a long time of darkness… :-* ”[\b]

Thanks to you All.
One more thing, I want to write my blog based on this.. can anyone tell me how to collect my own posts to make it a blog. Any suggestion..
Good for you for climbing back on the wagon -- many of us who have been doing this for a long time know well the cycle of discouragement and renewed commitment. See the Wordpress site to create a blog, and there are several others like Blogspot or Zooloo. Once you've got it started, you can cut and paste your posts from here to the blog.
Hi all,
Thanks for sharing your admiring ideas.
I have found that the main cause of so much delay in my progress is the lack of imagination. I now feel that i lost eyesight because i lost my imagination in 7th standard. That was because i got a totally unfriendly environment over there. That crappy education system ruined both my imagination and eyesight. I had always avoided practicing imagination. Now, i got surprised how much i used to imagine in my childhood. Those memories really inspire me. I even used to have lucid dreams that time.
Now, i have observed that whenever i try imagination, though not giving enough time and interest, it really worked for me.
Now i am trying this method. Here's my technique. I want to see blue waves of sea, surfing playing with them. I had found techniques like the above in the Md Cracken's book" Use your own eyes ". Any videos would also be helpful. Do you guys have any other free ebooks, you can offer me.
This would be a great help in my journey if some expert answers my queries.
Hi all,
Hope you all are walking along with me to the destination that is sure to achieve.

I know i usually post after 4-5 months, but still i daily open the website and study the homepage quote ,new threads on excercise and success stories.

I was thinking from last 10 days to post for my improvement and some questions, since i have understood lot about how to use my eyes properly, what to benchmark for eye behavior, controlling, relaxing mind and overcoming my fears, shallow breathing that interfers into my visual system and make me to see in a incorrect way.
But this friday, i found something that filled me with a deep joy and a feeling of rewardness. Ok, not making it too long, i start.

I was sitting in a park in the friday morning. After some body-bimuilding excercise, i sat in an Asann for Pranayams ( breath excercises and Indian meditation ) ,simultaneously caring for the Bates concepts of blinking and central fixation (will explain my mental state and whole process in next post). When i sat for almost 30 minutes, excluding thoughts and emotions by meditating on long breaths and listening to chirping of birds, i opened my eyes after half an hour, and it was much relaxation on my face and eyes. Something was put off from my head and mind. Blink was light and breath was slow and long . I could figure out the details of the flowers and plants in my frontside of park. I could see the red , yellow flowers and the green leaves. I could also see the buildings that were behind the park. Initially, the flowers were double imaged but rising sunlight was falling on them and it became clear. I thought to look by my side and more long but then i feared that by so i wil lost this clear vision. I was surprised to see the faces and eye movements of children's and people rounding in the park. I was surprised that i am not losing this clear flash like all other uncountable (also uncounted) flashes i was getting from last year. I gave suggestion to myself " Relax, these are ur eyes !, these were made to perform like this. These were like this only relaxed and light in childhood, its the beginning" and a lot i said to myself about this figuring the flowers and admiring their beauty. I thought i should continue breathing long and should shift my attention towards details and swinging of flower's parts and the eyes of children playing there. I observed world was never so beautiful and interesting before. i was still observing birds sounds and the touch of cool, fresh wind blowing & touching my body. I showed interest in the beautiful pattern over buildings that were nearly 40 feet away from me .
i could blink softly wothout losing. and most importantly i was focusing in present.
This lasted for about 20 minutes and it made a belief in my heart that

" That day is near, when i will throw those damn glasses ( that i use very less - only in office ) and my friends kwill surprise and i will say crushing them with my feet- ' Enough, don't try to pick them, i don't need them anymore because i am also having a pair of eyes and i know how to use them ' ... "

.... will continue about my present eye situation in next post and i really need to know somethings....

I am very thankful to that moment i opened a half centuary old book ( that was in its ashes )about Bates in a library and finally got that Bates book and came to this website.

Ajmer ;p :p ;p

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