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Dating and Bates method
Hi all,
This maybe a weird or funny post but I'll just go on anyway...and this is not really that off-topic

Let's say a man doing 2 quests at the same time, one is to improve his vision using Bates method(which translates
to dont wear glasses as much as possible), other one is to find a mate Wink .
The man is very nearsighted.
Now we know there are something like eye contact, reading body language,etc involved in dating.
How a man able to do that kind of a thing? when everything he sees around him is blur... ;D
Any one here have suggestions? experience that you can share?
Tnx in advance.
The good news is that beauty isn't skin deep. When you do find that mate, then you will truly love her for her heart, not her body. As for the love at first site, and the sparks that fly, it isn't what its cracked up to be. The chemistry could be perfect, and yet the love of you life a tota butt head >Big Grin . don't worry about what you don't see, becuase you'll see better without your eyes. It like that phrase in the sci-fi movies "it can only be seen through the eyes of the blind.'
If a lady does not like you because you need vision improvement she is not good for you!
I have a crush on a Mexican man and he wears glasses.
Is a big baby; wont try Bates method but I still like him.
clarknight Wrote:I have a crush on a Mexican man and he wears glasses.

i didnt know you were a woman Smile
Quote:i didnt know you were a woman Smile
Sadly, it makes more sense how sensitive you are- taking care of injured squirrels and such. Sad
Your cover is blown, Agent Night!
Actually having a sensitivity for animals is not gender-based! Having a heart and compassion
for animals is a God given gift. Everyone has a heart for something/someone.. This is how we nuture and help our world.
I had a vet once, a man, who had genuine love and compassion for my bunny when he was could see it
in the way he held him..

Regards,Its ;D me

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