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The use of positive lenses
Has anybody tried positive lenses for myopia as suggested in David de Angelis book "The Secret of Perfect Vision"? I am giving it a try since yesterday but to be honest I have no idea how strong the lenses should be. I am just using my previous reading glasses. I will finish reading the book and then I will try to find his website. I have -5 and -6 for contact lenses.
Dear Friend,

David DeAngles made heavy use of Bates.

Further, by his own statement, he had a -2 dioper "prescription". That is, or can be
a Snellen of from 20/60 to 20/120.

In that range, it is possible to go with no minus lens (as Bates recommended), and eventually,
when your Snellen clears (from using Bates) begin using a plus, after you begin getting
20/60 vision (in sun light).

But with -5 diopters, I would suggest just taking your minus off (for all near work) or getting
a weaker (by 2 diopters) for most of your "near" work.

From the effort by "Sassy", Bates is best for you -- in my opinion.

Hi Francisca. David De Angelis' website has a link to this forum.
You might find more info there as I see some postings of his..

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Regards Its Smile me
Thanks Itsme, I have just finished the book and therefore I have just found the site. I will have a look, thanks!
Thank for your posting here, Francisca. I'd like to read D'Angelis' book, and see that I can get from
from my local library!

Regards, Its Smile me
Itsme, I found the book rather interesting because it has a completely new approach, at least for me, the only thing is that there are so many repetitions of the same that it is difficult to focus on the subject. I still have quite a few questions about the exercises so I have sent him an e-mail, no idea whether he will answer. I couldn't find anythying on the positive lenses on his forum but then there are so many postings... when I tried to search by subject I got offered lenses to buy, not the postings on the subject. My idea is that these lenses which, if I understand well are common reading glasses, could speed up the process. So far, only by exercising and living three months in the blur I haven't accomplished much. I will have a private lesson from a Bates teacher next week and a 2 day workshop, let's see how that goes!

Otis, I am not sure about the fact of David de Angelis having made heavy use of Bates, I think that it is quite a different method. Bates is more based on relaxation. Still, 20 years ago, I think that I read a Bates book in Holland which was much more on exercises or else, it was a book about the method but not by Bates, I don't remember. As I have just said I have not used my glasses for almost 3 months (lenses only for driving) and if I use them it is undercorrected glasses, done quite a bit of exercising but nothing really has happened so far, only minor changes. For near work I don't need anything as I see very sharply only I am a bit afraid that by working to close by that might not be good, I don't know. Anyway, thanks for your tips, both of you!
Hi Francisca.
So.. do you mean D'Angelis doesn't explain at all about how to use the +lens method ? That's what I was most curious about.
I personally used +lens, with a reduced prescription for a good year. I also did a few bates exercises - about 15 minutes a day. My prescription improved by 1.5 diopeters and my -.75 astig. vanished. My 20/20 vision was confirmed by an opthamologist..

I am surprised you can do all near work without glasses.. do you mean like the computer too ? I have to wear a 'reduced' prescription on the computer or I'd have my eyeballs literally glued to it.

Good luck at your Bates Workshop!

Regards, Its Smile me
Hi Itsme, yes, he does explain the use of positive lenses but I would like to hear from people who have used them with good results as I had never heard of them at all for this purpose. It is quite troublesome to wear reading glasses on the top of your glasses, I must say. I have written him and asked whether it would maybe be possible to wear only the reading glasses and work closer by or whether that would be bad for my eyes. You are lucky that you got so much better. If I could lower -1 D I would be very, very happy but so far it hasn't happened, although I have been exercising quite a bit, doing almost everything without glasses.... and yes, I do wear undercorrected glasses for computer work, now with the reading glasses on the top but other than that I did all close work wearing nothing (now with undercorrected glasses and reading glasses). Yes, I hope that the lesson and the workshop will she light on all my questions and help me improve my sight. I read here about so many people having terrific results, sometimes quite fast... why not me......
Hi Francisca.
OK I'm glad he explains the positive lenses, as I was planning to go to the library on Tuesday, and take it out..

I wear my +lenses over contact lenses, so it's no problem. You may have decided not to wear contacts, but
I can fully understand the annoyance of putting glasses upon glasses. Probably doesn't work too well..

I hope you get an answer to your questions from D'Angelis. No doubt you will probably learn
a lot at the Bates workshop and probably get some personal attention. It sure seems you are
doing everything good... Perhaps what you need is more time... I don't think anyone gets
results as fast as 3 months unless they have a very low prescription like -1 or -2.
It took me a whole year to see some improvement from exactly your presciption (-5 and -6) ..
I'm still working on it..

I wish you the best. Smile

Its Smile me
Hi Itsme, thanks for the words or encouragement. I have -5 and -6 as far as contact lenses go, for glasses it is more so it is not too good. I went to the optician yesterday as I am busy to get contact lenses for driving which are suficient but not too strong and although my left eye had improved a bit the right, weaker one hadn't at all, it was even a bit weaker which worried me as I have been exercising it more. Yes, I got the answers from David and I think that his book is worth reading. Here is his forum: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->. I don't wear lenses anymore when I am at home as my lenses have to be strong enough for driving, so not really undercorrected. As a rule I don't wear glasses at all (not easy...) but for near work I wear my undercorrected glasses and the reading glasses (I had a few anyway). I left you a message about what you have been doing for your floaters, I haven't looked yet whether you gave an answer but if not I would love to have the addresses of UK based companies who sell either product you mentioned, or European ones preferably here in France. I think that I am going to try th Dr. Christopher one as he also has related pills. I tried the MSM eye drops mentioned on a floaters' site but they are not helping. Can the eye wash be used as drops? I hate eye washes!
Hi Francisca.
I answered your question re: the eyedrops in the other post.
I read some of the posts from i-see and now I understand why you think you should have seen some improvements
in your vision after 3 months. I read in one of his replies back to someone, that improvements with his program
should show up quickly. I'm very curious, and will read his book, when I get it from the library tomorrow.

Regards, Its Smile me
Hi Itsme,
I am curious as to what you think about David's book. As I said the problem for me is that things are repeated so many times but that is the way books are written nowadays. I prefer things to be straightforward. I would also like to find books only aimed at the people wishing to do the methods rather than a lot of research information. In the end the exercises, in most books, only take a few pages. I have ordered two other books for Christmas, one is written by a French lady who had such high myopia that the doctors wouldn't even perform laser surgery on her and the other one by Jacob Liberman. A while ago I read here or somewhere else about a book which is aimed at the user but I forgot to write down the title. As far as the drops go how many bottles did you use till you saw results? Till now I only manage to find companies selling it in the US. They do ship to Europe but it is rather expensive. You haven't found any somewhere in Europe have you (of course you might be an American yourself...)? Isn't it also sold in pharmacies? I am willing to try though.
Hi Francisca.
When you say bottles, do you mean Dr. Christopher's Cayenne Formula? I actually didn't buy the bottles, I made
it from scratch buying the herbs in bulk. If the shipping charges are too much to France I would just
make it myself.. I only mentioned the ready-made bottles because it's probably cheaper and easier
if you live in N.America. As far as I know this is not even found in health food stores, pharmacies. At
least not that I've seen. It's only through the internet..
Here are the EyeWash Recipe Ingredients:

bayberry bark
eyebright herb
golden seal root
red raspberry leaves
1/8 part cayenne

Regards, Its Smile me
Thanks Itsme but I don't think that I will be making them myself although I do share my life with a scientist. I meant bottles of the Can-C... how many did you use till you started to see results? I found a way to buy them here in Europe. The Dr. Christopher I suppose that I would have to order from the US although the other day I was in London and I found a pharmacy which had a lot of American drugs. A pity that I hadn't heard of them back then.... I am still using the MSM drops because if nothing else they do make the eyes more permeable and more able to absorb nutrients. Today I had a private lesson on the BAtes Method and the whole weekend I will have a workshop, half Bates and half Alexander Method.
Hi Francisca.
RE: Can-C. I think within 1 week I noticed a difference - vision was sharper and clearer.
With my floaters, I think it took about 3 months, if not less. I think that I don't have a precise recall on that,
because I didn't buy the Can-C for my floaters, but for my scar ! So, I didn't pay any attention
to the floaters! But yes, the floaters did go away, and for sure was within 3 months. The only thing
is, is that if you stop using Can-C, the floaters will probably return within a short period of time..
I think that probably speaks a lot, to the fact, that this antioxidant does help the eye, but like
any vitamin, if you stop taking it, you will become depleted again..we do live in a toxic world :-[
I wish you great strides with your workshop.. You sound very tenacious in your pursuit for better eyesight..
that's a great quality..don't lose that !

Regards, Its Smile me


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