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Fasting and eyesight
Now that I look back, I notice that my eyesight began to deterioate around the same time I began to get other problems such as terrible acne and hairloss and I have discovered that high blood sugar is one the key causes of all these problems.

I have found that high blood sugar absolutely makes my vision terrible. Ever since starting a lower calore/carbohydrate diet my vision and other problems have improved.

I decided to go on a fast. Fasting completely stabilizes blood sugar levels. I fasted for 96 hours, and at the end of the fast my vision was as good as it had ever been in my life. A week later I went out to dinner, gorged on spaghetti, went to a nightclub and came home virtually blind for days. Some more strict dieting followed by a 24 hour fast and my vision was back to superb.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

It makes perfect sense because the Bates method is based on mental stress, and mental stress also plays havoc with hormones and blood sugar.
well, i do notice some blindness during when i eat lots of sugary stuff, but i also notice problems when i have a cold - and taking medicines. So ur right. Nutrition is a big factor to this.
Hi Eagle eye. One of the worst things for eyesight is bad saturated fats and
carbohydrates. I have read that diabetes is a result of high carbohydrate diet and we know that one
of the possible dangers of having diabetes is blindness. So, I think your post is right on..

I am so glad that you have noticed improved vision from changing your diet.
I read recently that what we eat, actually affects how we think, therefore, how we react.
Studies are finding that stress is the cause of 85% of all disease.. Anything we can do
to lower our stress is a good thing and only the eyes can benefit.. I've recently
bought myself the BT7 Biotuner and am finding I am much more relaxed, I am breathing
more deeply and slowly. My eyes are also looking better, more relaxed. I am noticing
I am blinking more.. I am wondering how much this can affect my's exciting!
Oh well, I'm digressing.. ;D

Regards Smile Its me
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