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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to mention something I noticed whilst waiting at a train station. It was freezing outside and at first I began to shiver. Then after a few seconds I decided to calm down and relax...and my body no longer felt cold at all. I looked around at the people around me who were not wearing glasses and they were mostly not shivering or even breathing hard(although some were).
This reminded me of an article I read where buddist monks sat in freezing temperatures whilst meditating and were able to maintain a steady body temperature.

Any thoughts?
Neat trick Smile Did u get a flash or any sort?
Yes the vision cleared up and I started looking at the detail on the ground(which is normally a grey blur). Instead my eyes zipped(moved quickly) on their own from detail to detail. I could also see people on the other platform a bit better. The main point was that I stopped shivering first and the cold had very little effect on me. I would guess that the more relaxed, unflustered, calm, not bothered by others you are...the less effect the cold has on you, in fact I've experienced this so it's more than a guess!
That's interesting. Bates said that people with perfect sight do not suffer from extreme temperatures. Actually Bates recommended his method for soldiers who had to stand in freezing cold ditches filled with water so that they would feel no discomfort, as well as to prevent fatigue and cure the pain from the serious injuries they would get. In fact he also said that if you have perfect sight you will die painlessly!
wow intresting... Where did u read about that?
From Perfect Sight Without Glasses:

"When black is remembered perfectly . . . [t]he ability to distinguish different temperatures is increased, but one does not suffer from heat or cold." (Chapter 19: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ter-19.php</a><!-- m -->)

"As has already been pointed out, eye education not only improves the sight, but affords a means by which pain, fatigue, the symptoms of disease and other discomforts, can be relieved. For this latter purpose it is of the greatest value to solders and sailors; and if, during the recent war, they had only understood the simple and always available method of relieving pain by the aid of the memory, not only much suffering, but many deaths from the destructive effects of pain upon the body, might have been prevented. A soldier in a flooded trench, if he can remember black perfectly, will know the temperature of the water, but will not suffer from cold. Under the same conditions he may succumb from weakness on the march, but will not feel fatigue. He may die of hemorrhage, but he will die painlessly. It will not be necessary to give him morphine to relieve his pain; and thus to the dangers of the battlefields will not be added the danger of returning to civil life under the handicap of a lifelong morphine habit." (Chapter 30: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ter-30.php</a><!-- m -->)
Thanks Smile
Wow, that is amazing. I've read very little of Bates and didn't know he said anything about temperature and the body. But good to know!

Either way, my experience was the greatest indicator of what happens when you relax.

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