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Glaucoma symptom lessened
Neighbor with beginning stage glaucoma.
Pressure same for one year.
Lately eyes bright red.
He has been using palming only two days and the redness is more than half gone.
Eyes whiter, clearer looking than been in a long time.
He says the eyes feel better too.
Asking his doctor to monitor eye pressure as Bates method is applied so he can be sure to use the correct amount of eye medicine.
If Bates method works and eye pressure lowers to normal, then eye medicine might have to be lowered/discontinued because stronger medicine will make the eye pressure too low.
His doctor says one possible cause of the glaucoma can be lack of enough oxygen to the eyes.
He is a recovering smoker, quit, but his body and lung capacity still repairing.
Today while listening to Meir Schiender CD course he mentions that low circulation to the eyes is one cause of glaucoma and often results from neck muscle tension restricting blood/oxygen flow to head/eyes.
He also says men wearing tight neckties are more prone to glaucoma.
Greg Marsh CD course also emphasizes neck muscle relaxation to improve health of the eyes, clarity of vision.
Both these Natural Vision Improvement teachers teach a few different methods to relax, move the neck and improve circulation to the head, brain, eyes.

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