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There Were Things I Didn't Want to See... (article)
This is from an article I read this morning... AWESOME...


Seminars Teach women to realize their Worth.
by Cheryl Rossi

Doctors caught Christine Awram's attention when they told her in her early 30's that she was destined to lose her sight.
"It was like, OK, I'm just not having a chapter in my life that says then I went blind," says Awram, who is now merely short-sighted at 49. "We all get the taps on the shoulder, but what's our personal telephone pole that's going to fall down and smack us on the forehead, and for me it was the thought of going blind."

The born and bred Vancouver woman who recently relocated to Abbotsford, underwent a significant nutritional loss of her eyesight. But she also came to believe her health problems weren't the result of physical ailments alone."I discovered that it wasn't just about the physical body, it was about the beliefs that I was carrying around about myself, which sounds a little woo woo, but this is Vancouver, all after, " Awram said.

Upon reflection, the "recovering controller" said she found her busy lifestyle and drive covered up a deep sense of unworthiness. She thought she was the only one who felt this way. But as time went on, Awram met other seemingly confident women who felt the same. She read an article about Barbra Streisand in O, The Oprah Magazine, where the award winning singer, composer, director and actor reported she was dedicating her next tour to her sense of worth becausxe she had previously never felt like she was "enough". "You know, one of the most legendary women on our planet who's done it all, who's got it all, " Awram said,. "I went OMG, this must be much more widespread than I ever thought."

In 2003 Awram founded Women of Worth,or WOW, a motivational business that holds annual conferences in Vancouver that usually sell out, often to nearly 1,000 women. She's poured money into the event, donates some of the proceeds to charity, and is just starting to break even. Awram's seeking sponsorship for the yearly event so she can be a model of career satisfaction and financial success for other women.

Awram had long been a 'seminar junky' before WOW but usually left sessions feeling deficient.
With Women of Worth, she strives to help women celebrate themselves.

"Women are the ones who show up," Awram said. "In all the years that I spent being a seminar junky and going to these events it was always 80 to 90 percent women who were there...The only time I have ever seen men equal or outnumber women are seminarts to do with making more money."

She has also experienced the "magic that transpires when women gather for a common purpose. She wants to see women explore deeper questions to help them find a greater sense of satisfaction.

Last year, Women of Worth tried out three information evenings to inspire women in a more intimate setting. Now Awram's devised a series where up to 50 women per session will hear from an expert on a specific topic, kick off their shows, scoff a few chocolates and discuss what they've heard. Evenings for Women of Worth run Jan 21-June 16 and participants can attend a single night or the whole shebang. Topics include financial strategies, the art of negotiation and finding pleasure in every day. These days, Awram says she sees more clearly than she did more than a decade ago. At an eye checkup two years ago, she says the specialist, impressed with her eye health, asked her secret. "So I told him some of the things I was doing from a nutritional point of view and I said, "Plus, back then, I guess in my life there were things I didn't want to see, and I'm quite happy to see everything now."

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