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Sunning and Cancer
Doesnt the Sun emit ultra violet waves which could lead to cancer? Im not saying that sunning is bad for you or critising, but what do you guys think?
According to Mercola source, it's only dangerous/harmful if you allow yourself to get burned. Sun exposure should be
slow and gradual, building up tolerance.

Actually the sun's rays has been proven to prevent cancer due to Vitamin D ,which many are deficient in, especially those living in the northern parts. Also, since the invention of chemical sunscreens, cancer has actually been on the rise.

Here's just one article on the sun from Dr. Mercola. If you want to search further on his site, you will find even more information- he does have lots on this topic.

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Regards, Its Smile me
I use sunscreen with zinc oxide as the active ingredient.

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Hi David. Zinc oxide is good !

Regards, Its Smile me

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